For your Pocketbook

Go green and save some green!

Contrary to popular belief, being green and being on a budget do not have to be mutually exclusive. Typically, well thought out eco-friendly events cost less. How is this possible, you might ask? We will show you!

We love helping clients find ways to trim unnecessary things out of an event and instead make every element count. Finding ways that design pieces can have a duel purpose at an event brings smiles to our faces.

Using local vendors, picking a venue that is central to your guest list, keeping your design elegant yet simple, using electronic ways to communicate details of your event, etc. are all choices that are good for the planet and great your pocketbook.

Jessica in Alahambra Hall

"Thanks SO MUCH for everything. I loved the decorations, the flowers, everything!! I received so many compliments. You guys were amazing and helped make the day wonderful. After the ceremony when Brian & I walked back down the aisle, one thing he said to me was, "the reception site looks amazing, wait 'til you see it; it looks like a fairy tale!" I enjoyed working with both of you, I'm so glad I did!"