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Modern Bromance- Wedding Planning from the Groom’s Perspective

Planning a wedding is fun and a great team building exercise for the bride and groom.  This is the beginning of officially joining both of your lives as one, so why not start by making these decisions together! Take it from our very own groom Michael Lintal, who has enjoyed the planning process so much that he was asked to write a blog about it for his place of work.  Check out his tips to the fellas in his very own blog: “Wedding Planning Notes from the Groom“:


Posted: April 14, 2014
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Gift a Unique Photo Transfer

Vintage is all the rage these days.  What better way to savor your wedding day, engagement, birth of a baby, or any special event than with a photo wood transfer?  The ladies at Blue Planet Green Events are rolling up their sleeves and tackling the newest addition to their design arm, photo transfers.

A wood transfer is a multi-day process of transferring an image onto wood.  The end product is a ready to hang, beautiful piece of artwork with vintage flair!

With the holidays right around the corner, we can think of no better gift for the in-laws or anyone that helped make your day special! They will cherish this unique gift for years to come.




Wood Transfer Pricing (including tax):

Color: $95     Black & White: $75
Color: $125     Black & White: $105
Color: $185     Black & White: $165
Shipping available!

Email info@blueplanetgreenevents for more information or to place your order.










Posted: November 6, 2013
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