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Eco-friendly Alternatives for your Bridesmaids

"Bridesmaids" Haven't seen it? Rent it!

It’s an inconvenient truth that your bridesmaids will likely never wear their dress again. In fact, 80% of bridesmaids never do?

It shouldn’t be a surprise as to why. Most bridesmaid dresses are either too formal to be practical, don’t fit their body type, or just plain look the part.

Many brides feel stuck thinking they have to choose between either a ‘big box’ store where the prices are right, but quality is near nonexistent or a specialty boutique where your girls are bound to have sticker shock.

Here are three ways to save your bridesmaids money, be more eco-conscience, and  help you choose a dress that your girls will surely thank you for.

Etsy Designer: Tawny Holt

Made with love….on Etsy

Many of us have spent countless hours (mostly procrastinating and dreaming) on Etsy which is a marketplace for millions of unique, handmade and vintage items. Search the site to find the perfect dress or find someone who can make them for you like Tawny Holt. Not only are her designs perfect for a Charleston shabby chic wedding, but are custom made from entirely recycled or salvaged materials.

Vintage Dresses & Cowgirl Boots

Vintage or Once Worn

There is no rule that says all of your girls have to wear the same dress (in fact, we prefer when they don’t). So, shake it up a bit and go vintage. Check out The Rusty Zipper, the web’s largest source for vintage dresses. If vintage isn’t your style, try sites like Wore it Once or Preowned Party Dresses and locally in Charleston, Butterfly Consignment.

The Little Borrowed Dress


Groomsmen get to rent their suits, now your girls have a chance to do the same. The Little Borrowed Dress has a whole line of beautiful bridesmaid dresses in all colors that you can rent! This option is the perfect mix of stylish and practical.

Each of your attendants will spend at least $1,000 on your big day (minus travel, lodging etc.), so why not spend some time really thinking through their attire?

Happy Planning,

Toni & Lori

Posted: January 4, 2012
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